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A children’s book explaining the project to families and how the Trace toys and app work. Trace BUDDIES book

Getting ready to test with families 🙂          

PhD Snapshot


Inventor Claudia Schultze has developed the NuMetrex; heart monitoring technology that is woven directly into sports apparel. These intelligent sensing fibres communicate with a small transmitter that is also embedded into the clothing (this is removable for washing purposes). The transmitter sends the heart rate information to a watch, treadmill or any compatible machine. This […]

Last year I blogged about Daan Roosegaarde’s Intimacy work in this post, I am now following up with what happened next with this exciting project. Roosegaarde has collaborated with designers Maartje Dijkstra and Anouk Wipprecht to make two interactive outfits known as Intimacy White and Intimacy Black (the white/black e-foil turns from white to transparent depending on the level […]

Back in 1995 Studio 5050 came up with the concept of the Love Jackets. A pair of coats fitted with infrared sensors, led’s, a speaker, conductive velcro and a rechargeable battery. The jackets came and worked as a pair, each pair would have their own infrared programming which would only recognise and interact with its […]

Studio 5050 have created the embrace me hoodie. An arc of  twinkling LED lights are seen across the back of these jumpers when two people wearing them hug and complete the circuit. These hoodies also give off a faint heartbeat when a pair embrace. Studio 5050 say these hoodies “take their design inspiration from the […]

Where: Florence When: November 10 What: Plug and Wear: Wearable Technology Workshop Blurb: What can electronic technology offer to the design field? What are the most cutting edge uses of interactive applications? The workshop WearableSmart Textiles: Technology to Concept: a hands on analysis of electronic technology in innovative textiles and prototype development seeks to address these […]